The Graduate Program in Performing Arts at UFBA is considered a program of excellence, holding a CAPES Grade 6,0. It focuses on spectacle, arts and performance studies at the master’s and doctorate levels. It was established in 1997 in a transdisciplinary perspective, in the interface of theory and artistic practice. The program has a double focus for research and course completion: academic-scientific investigations may include the creation of a final practical-creative work, which is published along with the public defense of the thesis or dissertation. The contents must be contextualized and developed through creative and academic-pedagogical processes. They focus not only on the theoretical dimension, as the program highly values the research field of performing arts.

The training of teacher-researchers and the production and dissemination of knowledge in the interdisciplinary field of performing arts are the main direction of PPGAC. The different approaches to achieve this purpose are:

  1. Scene traditions, contemporaneities, and pedagogies >
  2. Poetics and staging processes >
  3. Somatic, performance, and new media >
  4. Dramaturgy, history, and reception >

The professors’ projects maintain the dialogue along their lines. They also allow the candidates to verticalize their epistemological concerns immersed on the critical reading of the local dimension, without neglecting the Brazilian and international realities. It is assumed that all knowledge is situated in time and space. This assumption requires readings and artistic practices based on an updated bibliography. At the same time, it requires a critical look at the widely recognized theoretical collection.