He is an actor, producer and has been granted a CAPES scholarship (PNPD) from PPGAC-UFBA since 2015. He holds a PhD in Performing Arts from PPGAC/UFBA (2011) with the thesis: “Diálogos Somáticos do Movimento: o Método Pilates para a Prontidão Cênica”. He also holds a degree in Psychology from UFBA (1991). His 25 years working experience as an actor includes more than two dozen plays such as: As Pequenas Raposas, written by Lilian Hellman and translated and directed by Harildo Déda (2017); Diário do Farol (2012-2013) written by João Ubaldo and directed by Fernanda Paquelet; Dias de Folia, organized by TCA’s Center Group in 2010 and directed by Jacyan Castilho; O Vôo da Asa Branca written and directed by Deolindo Checcucci (2001 to 2008), which won a Martim Gonçalves Award for Best Play in 2001. The play went on tour to Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Brasília, Recife, Campina Grande, and the countryside of Bahia. In the field of education and psychology, he was a consultant and producer of many scientific events, and editor of Cadernos do GIPE-CIT (for numbers 36, 37, 38, and 39 between 2015 and 2017, as well as 40 and 41 in 2018).