He is a postdoctoral researcher at the Graduate Program in Performing Arts (PPGAC/UFBA) and holds a PhD and MA in Culture and Society from UFBA. He is a Professor of Social Communication at Jorge Amado University Center (UNIJORGE), a journalist and writer with a degree in Communication and Journalism from UFBA. He has a work history of over 25 years as editor, sub-editor, beat reporter, cultural columnist, communication adviser, writer, and theater critic in major news outlets (newspapers such as A Tarde, Correio, Bahia Hoje, among others) as well as communication adviser. He has published research articles in national and international journals. He is the author of the books Guerreiras do Cabaré – A Mulher Negra no Espetáculo do Bando de Teatro Olodum (2012), A Noite do Teatro Baiano (2010), and O Teatro do Bando – Negro, Baiano e Popular (2003). He was a member of the State Council of Culture of Bahia (2011-2014).