She is an actress, a theater director and an associate professor at the School of Theater of the Federal University of Bahia. She has a degree in Arts Education – Qualification in Performing Arts from the Catholic University of Salvador (1985), with specialization in Choreographic Composition from the School of Dance of UFBA (1994). She holds an MA in Theatre Arts Performance – University of London (1997), a PhD in Performing Arts from the Federal University of Bahia (2005) and her postdoctoral research was conducted at the Institute of Arts at UNICAMP – SP (2010). Her research interest is Arts, focusing on Theatrical Interpretation, mainly on the following topics: actor-actress, vocal expression, creation process, interpretation, and vocal expression, focusing on the actor-actress/performer in the languages of theater, circus, and dance. She researches the narrative theater, storytellers, field research with life reports, and theater pedagogy in its various interfaces.