She is a full professor at the School of Dance at UFBA with a degree in Dance (1973) and in Professional Dancer (1972) from the Federal University of Bahia. She holds an MA (1980) and a PhD (1995) in Dance in Education both from Temple University (1995). Professor Martins went through two postdoctoral internships: at the CODARTS program in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and at the Faculty of Human Kinetics, Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal. She teaches in the undergraduate course at the School of Dance of UFBA and has also several artistic/professional experiences. She was a professional dancer for the following UFBA dance groups: Contemporary Dance Group (GDC), Odundê, and Experimental Dance Group. She also was part of the folkloric groups Oldumaré and Baiafro. Her research interest is in Arts, focusing on Body and Creativity, mainly on the following topics: dance, Afro-Brazilian culture, methodologies, ethnographies, and others. In the 2013/2015 biennium, she was the coordinator of the Graduate Program in Performing Arts of UFBA.