Foto: Giovani Rufino / Performer: Vanilton Lakka / Lab DCT - Laboratório Dança-Cognição-Tecnologia (2016) / Grupo de Pesquisa Poéticas Tecnológicas: corpoaudiovisual
Master's Framework

Minimum course load: 136 h

Compulsory Courses

Minimum credits: 08
Minimum course load: 238 h

  • DAN 501 Advanced Seminars I - 68 h
  • TEA 501 Performing Arts Research - 68 h
    (compulsory for both, PhD and Master degrees)
Compulsory Activities
  • TEA 790 Supervised Research
  • TEA 792 Thesis Project or
  • TEA 794 Thesis and Staging Project
  • DAN 793 Ongoing Research Seminar
  • TEA 794 Performance Lab
    (for Master's students with Thesis and Staging)
  • DAN 795 Qualifying Exam
  • TEA 939 Supervised Teaching Internship
Optional courses

minimum course load 102 h

* The student must take two optional subjects, at least one of the listing.

Master's Flowchart


  • DAN 501 Advanced Seminars I - 68 h
  • TEA 501 Performing Arts Research - 68 h
  • An optional course - 51 h


  • DAN 793 Ongoing Research Seminar
  • TEA 792 Thesis Project; or
  • DAN 794 Thesis and Staging Project


  • One optional course - 51 h


  • TEA 790 Supervised Research
  • DAN 793 Ongoing Research Seminar
  • TEA 794 Performance Lab
    (for Master's students with Thesis and Staging)
  • TEA 939 Oriented Teacher Internship - 68 h


  • TEA 790 Supervised Research
  • DAN 795 Qualifying Exam
  • Public Defense
Master's Syllabus and Activities

TEA 501 Performing Arts Research I

Methodologies and techniques of performing arts research, addressing the lines of research within PPGAC/UFBA and their choices for thesis completion. A course set in modules, with possible participation of other guest professors and researchers.

DAN 501 Advanced Seminars I

Basic themes on contemporaneity, theatrical and imaginary in performing arts.


DAN 793 Ongoing Research Seminar – SPA

Activity aimed at the improvement of research projects of master's students, in which each student presents the development of the research work, theoretical bases, methodological choices and other relevant aspects. The work is then analyzed by two colleagues, helping and clarifying points, suggesting other references and discussing controversial issues, if necessary.


DAN507 Choreographic Composition

Study on the nature of choreographic creation and performance, offering interdisciplinary creative experiences, whose main purpose is to channel the own ideas of the participants-researchers.

DAN502 Body & Creativity

Practical and theoretical studies of artistic creativity and the nature of the expressive body, with readings and experiments, aiming at a broad understanding of the interrelational concepts of body and creativity in various knowledge fields.

TEA502 Ethnocenology

The process, under construction, of a new paradigm, within the scope of ethnosciences and performing arts, for the articulation of theory and practice, creation and criticism, art and science, tradition and contemporaneity, imaginary and theatricality, epistemology and methodology, objects of research and reference corpus, technical propensities, academic paths, and research projects.

TEA507 Special Topics in Performing Arts

Each semester, the course addresses issues relevant to the Performing Arts according to the research project of the responsible professor.

TEA509 Art & Education

Study of artistic forms and techniques used in Art Education as vital means for the development of creativity and aesthetic education. Theoretical basis of Art Education is discussed through weekly sessions of exhibitions and debates based on selected texts, as well as through art education experiments and the experience of an artistic creation process.

TEA503 Spectacle Theories

The principles of theatrical staging under the historical perspective of the spectacle. The conception of scenic space as an expression of the theater of various times, determining the form of the spectacle.

TEA504 Tradition & Contemporaneity in Dramaturgy

Study of issues related to dramaturgical production, for various productions and media, addressing aspects of continuity and rupture in dramatic forms.

TEA514 Supervised Individual Work

Development of research activities related to the individual project, with faculty supervision.

  • TEA 502 Ethnocenology
  • TEA 503 Spectacles Theories *
  • TEA 504 Tradition and Contemporaneity in Dramaturgy
  • TEA 506 Staging and Scenography
  • TEA 507 Special Topics in Performing Arts *
  • TEA 508 Interpretation and Directing in the Contemporary Scene
  • TEA 509 Art and Education
  • TEA 510 Scenic Interpretation with Masks
  • DAN 502 Body and Creativity
  • DAN 503 Contemporary Dance Theater
  • DAN 505 Traditional Dances
  • DAN 506 Motion Analysis
  • DAN 507 Choreographic Composition
  • TEA 514 Supervised Individual Work **


Students will be able to fulfill the required workload by taking optional Doctorate courses from other Graduate Programs, at the discretion of the advisor.

* It varies according to the professor who teaches it. Therefore, duplicities may occur and attending the same course becomes impossible, as they change content but not the code. Student may send to the collegiate suggestions of optional courses to be offered each semester.

** Before enrolling, still at the planning stage, student and professor should have an agreement, so that the professor himself/herself can provide the necessary vacancy.