Cleise Mendes


The group is formed by professors and students of performing arts, linguistics, communication, cinema, and psychoanalysis. It is characterized as an intersection space between the various functions and means of dramaturgical practices. It brings together investigations of dramatic composition processes --such as text adaptations, writing and translation of plays and scripts for the stage, TV, video, radio, and cinema-- and studies of drama theory, history, and critic. Through the production of its researchers, playwrights, and screenwriters, the group keeps an exchanging relation with theaters (such as Martim Gonçalves, Gamboa Nova, Castro Alves, and Vila Velha), with ABRACE, Associação de Roteiristas do Brasil, Cena Lusófona (Portugal), Royal Court Theatre (England), and Cátedra Itinerante de Teatro (Latin America).


The group published the book “Tempo de dramaturgias” in 2014 (EDUFBA).

In 2016, the group participated of the Congresso Setenta Anos da UFBA presenting about the staged dramaturgy at the School of Theater since 1980.