Leonardo Boccia


The group was created in 2006 at UFBA by Professor Dr. Leonardo V. Boccia and it is recognized by the institution and certified by CNPq. ECUS is an interdisciplinary research group in the field of culture, art, and technology. The group studies spectacles, events, and cultural productions under the aesthetic-technical-technological perspectives, as well as theories of music in the mass media, music and culture, sound studies, and the creation of spectacles in different sociocultural levels. ECUS works in three lines of research in the areas of culture and society and performing Arts:

    • Culture and Identity
    • Culture and Art
    • Poetics & Staging Processes

The group promotes regular research meetings, presentations, and spectacle classes inside and outside UFBA. It published the ECUS research journal in printed format until 2013 and soon only in digital format.


Supported by CNPq and CAPES, ECUS members have been participating in multidisciplinary events and academic activities in international cooperation with the universities: “La Sapienza” - Department of Arts and Performing Arts (Rome, Italy); Jacobs University (Bremen, Germany); and Communication University (China). ECUS has a research project that focuses on the study of neuromusic as a platform for observation and analysis of the transference effects of music, analysis of performing and visual arts on contemporary cultural education; and digital bildung. The members of the digital edition of the ECUS journal are MA and PhD students of the multidisciplinary graduate program in culture and society, and Fapesb and CAPES scholarship holders. They participate in national and international conferences. The group's journal counts on some research professors such as: Christian Rittelmeyer, Anette Rein, Holger Schulze (Germany), Anahid Kassabian and Michael Bull (United Kingdom), Nancy K. Baym (USA), Luo Qing (China), as well as renowned members of the editorial board.

Participation in an international event:

Professor Leonardo V. Boccia has participated as a Keynote Speaker at the International Conference:


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