Érico José


Licko Turle




2016: Érico Oliveira directed the play VALSE N. 6 as a result of his Capes senior internship in France. He also collaborated with the GERICO Research Group at the I Seminário Nacional sobre o Riso e o Cômico at UFSC, organized by Sérgio Melo and his team. Gláucio Santos published an article in the journal PASSAGES DE PARIS with a theme related to the participation in the 3rd SUMMER SCHOOL ON ANCIENT GREEK DRAMA, in Greece.

2015: Gláucio Santos supervised the CIDADE CEGA street performance, result of Carlos Alberto Ferreira's doctorate research. Érico Oliveira started the research project UMA POÉTICA CÊNICA DE A HORA DA ESTRELA, BY CLARICE LISPECTOR.

2014: Jacyan Castilho published RITMO E DINÂMICA NO ESPETÁCULO TEATRAL under the company Perspectiva. Érico Oliveira carried out the project PROPRIEDADE CONDENADA NAS ESCOLAS (PROEXT Events - UFBA). Gláucio Santos worked as a guest professor at the Francisco José de Caldas District University in Bogota, Colombia, where he directed the play ROPA SUCIA.