Suzana Martins


The group was created at UFBA, in 1994, by Professor Dr. Armindo Bião with professors and students of theater, dance, communication, linguistics and literature, and education. Supported by CNPq, the group created the Graduate Program in Performing Arts (PPGAC) in 1997 and the Brazilian Association of Research and Graduation in Performing Arts (ABRACE) in 1998.

At an international level, the group is one of the centers of ethnoscenology and organized two international colloquia in Salvador in 1997 and 2007. GIPE-CIT edits the journal “Cadernos” (35 issues), carries out events, and supports exchanging programs. The members have published books and collections with the results of their investigations. Internationally, the group articulates with university groups from many countries. Recently, they organized the International Black Art Colloquium, Film Screening: Discovering the Francophone Scene, and an International Ethnoscenology Meeting. GIPEE-CIT regularly conducts research seminars.