Eliene Benício


The Center was inspired by Professor Nelson de Araújo, who died in 1992. He was the first researcher at the School of Theater and launched studies on popular theater in Bahia, such as mapping out the popular culture in Bahia. He wrote some books such as: Pequenos Mundos – Um Panorama da Cultura Popular na Bahia, tomos I, II e III (EGBA, 1986). After completing his PhD, Professor Carlos Petrovich, who died in 2005, researcher Vanda Machado, and Professor Eliene Benício continued the studies on popular culture, specifically the Afro-Brazilian culture. Then, two books were published. Professor Benício carried out a field research mapping the circus out in Bahia from 2000 to 2003. In 2011, through a PNPD scholarship grant, she carried out studies on black performance in Brazilian theater with the researchers Evani Tavares de Lima and Lindolfo do Amaral. The first national meeting of ethnocenology took place in 2016.