Úmido / Foto: Paula Fróes

Poéticas Tecnológicas


Ivani Santana




Created in 2004 and certified by CNPq, the group researches the use of new digital technologies in Arts. The group is formed by researchers, professors, undergraduate and postgraduate students, and artists from various artistic fields.

The group promotes a theoretical and artistic space focused on the studies of the body involved with the digital culture. The focus is on the conceptual, aesthetic, technological, and educational research. The group promotes reflection, research, and production of artistic propositions from interdisciplinary projects, with the purpose of articulating the study with the various areas of knowledge. The group organizes many activities, such as: groups of study, workshops, open labs, jam sessions, creative centers, and academic and artistic events. The group encourages and promotes projects by undergraduate and graduate students, researchers, and artists in general who are interested in investigating ART-SCIENCE-TECHNOLOGY.


Latest events held and activities highlighted by GP Poética:

    • Participation in three events in Colombia: Festival de La Imagem (Manizales) with the technologically mediated dance show entitled ÚMIDO. The workshop “Reentrâncias, uma ocupação urbana através de dispositivos móveis” at the Faculty of Fine Arts (Barranquilla) and at the Autonomous University of Bucaramanga.
    • Event Utopias (Salvador, 2017)
    • Modos de Existir – Módulo 7 Dança e(m) Intermidialidades (São Paulo, 2017)
    • Lab DCT – Laboratório de Dança- Cognição-Tecnologia (São Paulo, 2017, Salvador, 2016)
    • Encontro de Dança-Cognição-Tecnologia (Salvador, 2016)