“It is valuable to consider four desired conditions for the good, the beautiful and useful development of the research: serenity, humbleness, humor and love. It is also valuable to assume the necessary implications of the individual, responsible for the generous construction of a discourse about the path that links individuals and objects, in a poetic, compromised and liberate search.”  Armindo Bião (1950-2013)

Welcome to the academic universe!
The Post Graduation Program in Performing Arts – PPGAC – is distinguished by the natural duplicity of researches and achievements for the master’s and doctoral degrees in Performing Arts, which means these scientific and academic investigations can enclosure the construction of a final presentation that will be performed parallel to the public defense of essays or thesis dissertations, which must include a compilation of all concepts, contextualizations and argumentations that give base to the creative and pedagogical process.

The notion of contemporaneity challenges the approach to teaching and research, to theory and practice in all areas of knowledge, and overall in the artistic practice that deals with quotidian creative phenomenons, that is, the observation of social constructions, the experimentation of multiple somatic techniques and, the reflection and systematization of these contents in a deeply experienced form. In many cases related to the Performing Arts, it is not possible to distinguish theory and practice, consequence of the in loco experience of countless forms of expression that become a source of conceptual knowledge and raw material for artistic creation at the same time, together with the socialization of multi-sensorial and spontaneous knowledge.

Historical information
The Post Graduation Program in Performing Arts of the Federal University of Bahia – PPGAC/ UFBA – was originated in the Grupo Interdisciplinar de Pesquisa e Extensão em Contemporaneidade, Imaginário e TeatralidadeGIPE-CIT – created in 1994 and coordinated by professor Armindo Jorge de Carvalho Bião, together with researchers in art (emphasis on theatre and dance), communication, education and human sciences.

The Consolidation Project of GIPE-CIT (with the support of the National Counsel of Technological and Scientific Development/ CNPq) through the Projeto Nordeste de Pós-Graduação (1997/2000) gave support for the approval of the interdisciplinary project of PPGAC by the Câmara de Ensino de Pós-Graduação e Pesquisa of the Conselho de Coordenação of UFBA, in January 21st, 1997. The Faculty Board was settled in March 21st, 1997 and the didactic activities started in August 28th, 1997. The Coordination of Improvement for Higher Education Professionals/ CAPES – recommended PPGAC’s master’ s degree on December 4th, 1997 and the doctoral degree on September 22nd, 2000.

Areas of concentration
With a trans-disciplinary approach, anchored by dance and theatre, and concentrated on only one area – Performing Arts – the PPGAC embraces two sub-areas of knowledge coded by CNPq: ( Theatre; and ( Dance; and has interfaces with several sub-areas, mostly: ( Fundaments and Critics in Art; ( Music; ( Fine Arts; ( Art Education; ( Literature; ( History; ( Anthropology and ( Communication.