PPGAC was part of the Interinstitutional Master Program from CAPES –MINTER and PICDT–, in the Northeast Region. The Federal University of Paraíba-UFPB (1999/2001), the Federal University of Pernambuco-UFPE (2000/2002), the Federal University of Alagoas-UFAL (2012/2014) composed one MINTER. In the Midwest, another MINTER was formed with the University of Brasilia-UNB (2000/2006), in the South Region, one MINTER with the School of Arts of Paraná-FAP (2004/2006). In the Southeast Region, a MINTER was developed with the Federal University of Montes Claros (MG) (2009/2011). And in the Northern Region, PPGAC held an Interinstitutional PhD – DINTER, with the Art Institute of the Federal University of Pará (2009/2012). It currently maintains a DINTER with the Federal University of Grande Dourados (2015-2020)..


In 2000, agreements were signed with the Universities of Paris X (today Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense) and Paris VIII (formerly Vincennes, now Paris Nord Villetaneuse Saint Denis), for providing exchange of researchers, faculty and students, including undergraduate students. The agreement with Paris X, in 2005, became a cotutelle, having already awarded with the proper double title, two new PhDs. In 2011, a similar agreement was signed with the University of Bologna. From 2002, the PPGAC began to contact African researchers through the Lusophone Scene in Sao Tome and Príncipe; in 2003 through the Maison des Cultures du Monde in Morocco and in 2005 through Paris VIII in Timbuktu in Mali. In 2012, UFBA entered into an academic exchange partnership involving The University of Northampton – School of Arts, from England, and PPGAC.