Denise Maria Barreto Coutinho is an associate professor at the UFBA Institute of Psychology, permanent professor of the Graduate Program in Performing Arts and associate professor of the UFBA Graduate Program in Psychology. She holds a bachelor degree in Psychology and a PhD in Linguistics and Literature, both from UFBA. She completed a doctoral exchange program at Princeton University. From 2014 to 2016, she was assigned to the Federal University of Southern Bahia, where she coordinated the Interdisciplinary Degree in Arts, at Sosígenes Costa Campus – UFSB, in Porto Seguro-BA. She completed a postdoctoral internship (FAPESB Grant) on the implementation process of UFSB (2013-2014). She leads the Interdisciplinary Research Group CONES – Modelagem da Complexidade em Artes, Humanidades e Saúde – (Complexity Modeling in Arts), Humanities and Health (UFBA). She is also a French translation specialist.