Eliene Benício Amâncio Costa is a permanent professor of the Graduate Program in Performing Arts –PPGAC/UFBA. She holds a degree in Theater Direction from UFBA, an MA (1993) and PhD (1999) in Arts from USP and carried out her postdoctoral studies at UNESP (2010). She is full professor of the Department of Performing Techniques at UFBA School of Theater. She has worked with Arts, focused on Theater Direction, mainly in staging arts, performance, dramaturgy and popular culture. She coordinates the research group Núcleo de Estudos em Teatro Popular (Theater Studies Center), approved by CNPq, and is a member of the research group O Circo e o Riso (Circus and Laugh), coordinated by Professor Mario Bolognesi –UNESP. She also participates in the working group Etnocenologia (Ethnoscenology) of ABRACE.