She is a professor of Theater Interpretation from the Department of Theater Fundamentals at ETEA’s Theater – UFBA (07/2018) focused on Integrative Psychoanalysis. Her postdoctoral research: MÁSCARAS: MITOLOGIAS E FEMININO NA CENA (Bufonas, Orixás, Entidades, Encantados e Deusas) is from PPGAC-UFBA, 2017-2018 – CAPES. She has also been a postdoctoral researcher at UNITO-ITA (2015-2016, Capes BEX6818/14-5 – Máscaras Femininas da Commedia dell’arte e arquétipos de Iansã e Pombogiras) and at PPGAC-UFU-MG, PRODOC-CAPES (2011-2014 –Comicidade e Criação). She is an Associate Professor of the Undergraduate Program in Theater and of the Graduate Program in Arts at the Federal University of Uberlândia (2011-2014). She holds a PhD from PPGAC/UFBA (2010 – Bufão, Commedia dell’arte e Cultura Popular Brasileira), with an exchange program with Universitá di Roma Tre and Scuola Sperimentale dell’Attore. She holds an MA from the Graduate Program in Performing Arts at UFBA (2006) with exchange program at the Université Paris X. Her research focused on clown and staging processes, involving theater of the absurd and Stanislavski’s method of active analysis. She holds a degree in Performing Arts – Theater Direction (2001) and a degree in Arts Education and Performing Arts (2000), both at Federal University of Santa Maria. She founded the research group and theater creation, Cia Buffa de Teatro – SSA/BRA (1998 – Current) and Bottega Buffa CircoVacanti – TN/ITA (2010 – 2014). She has experience in Arts, Theater Direction, Actor Preparation and Interpretation. She focuses mainly on the following topics: Mask, clown, buffoon, commedia dell’arte; popular culture, unsettled states of consciousness, and creative processes.