She is a performer, visual artist, and researcher of Creative Processes with an MA in Visual Arts (1995) and a PhD in Performing Arts (2002). She is a Permanent Professor in the Graduate Programs of the School of Theater and the School of Fine Arts of UFBA. She has published several articles and books in public and private collections in Brazil and abroad such as the recent Trajeto Criativo and Protocolo Lunar (Solisluna Editora, 2015). She is a member of ABRACE and a researcher member of the following groups: GIPE-CIT – Interdisciplinary Research and Extension Group in Contemporaneity, Imaginary, and Theatricality; DRAMATIS – Media, Theories, Criticism, and Creation; and PÉ NA CENA: Poetics of Acting and Staging. She created and coordinates and has performed four times in the theater group Os Imaginários (2007-2017), winner of several awards. Through this group, she has researched and published plays (adopting an artistic-comprehensive approach), exhibitions, articles, and books. The group also supervises dissertations, theses, and undergraduate students in PIBIC (scientific initiation) and undergraduate Conclusive Monograph. From the study of Image, Imaginary, and the Creation Processes, the themes of contemporary art are focused on transdisciplinary dialogue with Visual Arts, Dramaturgy, Creation and Scene with Actors, and on Theater of Image, Objects, and Animated Forms. As teaching-research-extension, the group processes include undergraduate and graduate students, alumni, and people from outside the UFBA community. She is a permanent professor of the Graduate Program in Performing Arts –PPGAC in which she performs research linked to three groups in the CNPq directory: GIPECIT, DRAMATIS, and PÉ NA CENA. She is also a permanent professor at the Visual Arts Program (PPGAV) of the School of Fine Arts. She has five books published and more than seventy supervisions completed. She is a member of the Academy of Sciences of Bahia.